Get To Know Your Shadow Self

"If you don't have any shadows, you aren't standing in the light"

I am SOul excited to share the release of my first book offering,

Getting to Know Your Shadow Self.

This workbook is inspired by one of my past community offerings centered around shadow work & coming to love and accept ALL parts of your being.

Getting to Know Your Shadow Self is a 25 page guidebook, including a brief guide on what the shadow self and shadow work is, the concept of the golden shadow, and why this inner work is so valuable to dedicate your time and energy to. I also provide you with rituals, crafts, and 30 days of journal prompts to help you connect more with your shadow.

My intention with this book is to make practicing shadow work accessible, easy, and simple to be consistent with. I understand that this can be an intimidating part of ourselves to dive into, but the strength and abundance that comes from truly knowing and understanding yourself is worth it.

You deserve to feel loved, respected, understood, and accepted.

The first person that can provide this for you is YOURSELF.

Getting To Know Your Shadow Self will give you the tools to shed light on your darkness, but only you can be the one to do that for yourself.

If you haven't been, I hope today is the day you start to invest your time, energy, and love into your own self development. You are worthy. You are powerful. And it's time for us all to fully embody our most loving, powerful selves! 

This book is now available on my online storefront in a physical copy at any time! Or you can purchase the ebook version through Lulu, linked below.

Thank you so much for being here with me on this journey. I truly hope this book can bring new insight and deeper self love into your life.

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