Tarot and Oracle Card Readings

Tarot and oracle card readings help deliver messages and guidance from your higher self and the universe. They can answer questions, provide advice, and encourage you to deepen your perspective of your reality and your relationship with yourself and your surroundings.

As a card reader, my role is simply to allow the Divine love of the universe and your higher self's plan for your individual evolvement to travel through me while pulling your cards, and provide an outlet for these messages to reach you.

Sometimes the universe and your spirit guides have been trying to send you signs and signals to be on a certain path, but you might not be open to receiving them. I can help open this communication, and by sharing these messages provide clarity and direction for what you're currently experiencing in life.

Do you feel disconnected from yourself, your purpose or your goals?

Are you looking for some outside guidance or wisdom to help you make better choices?

Would you like to improve your relationship with yourself, your community, or someone special to you?

Are you ready to get to know yourself better?

Is there a manifestation you're working on that you'd like to bring into your reality faster?

Continue below to book a psychic card reading with me! You can choose to receive your reading one of two ways: either in a live call on zoom, or with pictures and voice recordings through Facebook messenger. 


Schedule a tarot or oracle reading with Erin Daugherty
aka the Spiritual Sunflower

If you don't see the specific reading you're looking for in my booking options, please feel free to reach out to me privately on Instagram (@spiritualsunflowershop) to inquire about a custom spread.


Erin's Experience Offering Card Readings

I was first introduced to a spirit animal oracle card deck (which I still have and use today!) in a monthly spiritual subscription box in 2019. It took me some time to feel drawn to them and start implementing card readings in my personal practice, but in 2020 my collection of decks grew and I came to deeply appreciate their wisdom and artistic qualities. I intend to create my own positive affirmation oracle deck one day!

I felt called to begin offering tarot and oracle card readings for my friends and the collective in 2021. I've found that doing readings for others, a feeling of peace, understanding, and love overcomes me, not only for the individual I'm doing the reading for... but also myself. 

Tuning in with the universe's Divine wisdom and great plan, and sharing it with others, gives me a sense of purpose and service to the community that is unlike anything else I've dedicated my time to. 

While collective readings can be done for larger groups of people, one-on-one psychic card readings can be deeply personal and transformative. They can help you make the necessary shifts in your life to be aware, intentional, and in alignment with all of your dreams. 

I am so grateful that I was lead to discover these tools of psychic wisdom, and incredibly honored that you trust me to help deliver these messages from the beyond directly to you. 


  • From Sierra Pruett

    "My reading was absolutely spot on to my life right now and the things I've been going through! I was able to apply everything to real situations and was able to learn what I need to focus more of my energy on. Erin helped me open my eyes to how powerful I am in my being and the mantras she presented me with are so good and I've already started to use them!"

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  • From Finny Cricket

    "This reading resonated so much with me. Erin is ALWAYS so spot on! Everything correlated perfectly to every aspect of my relationship. It's just too perfect."

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