The Spiritual Sunflower's Story

The Spiritual Sunflower began...

in early 2019, when I was invited to my first camping music festival in the magical land of Suwannee, FL. On a rainy Saturday morning, my friends taught me how to wire wrap crystals on to spoons from my personal collection.

After going home and reflecting on the experience, I decided to try wire wrapping more crystals and sharing more of my creative crafts (from paintings, to decorating mason jars, clay sculptures and dream catchers) across social media platforms. I became dedicated and consistent in my creative expansion as an artist, and eventually my friends and family started purchasing my pieces and requesting custom designs for their loved ones.

This is how the Spiritual Sunflower was born in summer of 2020. I had lost all of my other sources of income due to COVID, like most of the world, and the one thing I had left to keep me sane and give me purpose was my artwork and my artistic friends. I was busy that whole summer creating healing crystal jewelry to share with my friends, family, and the world, and I came to realize how much my dreams of being a full time artist mean to me... so I wanted to have a brand that represented this significance. 

I rebranded "Sunny D Creations" to "The Spiritual Sunflower" shortly after my 21st birthday, solidifying my path (to myself) as a creator and healer. The Spiritual Sunflower represents my healing journey, my choice to always turn towards the light, and my dedication to growing and shedding my shadows. 

Through this individual journey, I have found that I am much stronger and able to tap more into my potential when I share my experiences and learn from the guidance and experiences of others. This is why the Spiritual Sunflower is active in the local community, providing virtual and in-person healing ceremonies, crystal energy guidance, oracle and tarot readings, and free newsletters, blogs, and resources to help the world as a whole step into the light and come home to ourselves. 


The Spiritual Sunflower's intention is to help you connect with the magic and power of your inner self, attract love, luck, and abundance, and fully express your beauty through all of our offerings.

I hope you will continue to support me and support yourself in this journey of divine growth, expansion, and coming home to yourself, as it has only just begun!

Thank you for simply being here with me.