The Impact of Journaling

Reposted from the Spiritual Sunflower wordpress blog, originally posted on October 8th, 2021

I’m here today to talk about one of my favorite practices: journaling.

If you know me, then you’ve probably already heard me mention how much journaling has impacted my life. I’m not just here to preach to you about what journaling has done for me, though. I want to share how journaling can impact ALL of us in the very depth of our being.

To provide a little bit of background knowledge, I’ve been consistently writing in a journal for over 10 years of my life.

It started when I was fairly young and just needing a safe space to let out my frustrations and confusions without blowing up on my family or friends. Since then, it’s grown as a space where I reflect on my days, keep track of goals and dreams, and find more love and acceptance for myself.

In August of 2020, I hosted my first community journal offering where I guided a small group of friends in developing a journaling practice to get to know themselves better.

This is where I really started to grasp the infinite potential that lies within a journaling practice.

I watched people I love and admire grow to express their truth more authentically, and stand more confidentially in their being.

I’ve unlocked doors within myself that lead to bigger dreams and, most importantly, a deeper understanding of who I am.

A truly impactful result of writing something down in a journal is that this action releases this thought from being held so tightly in your brain.

Have you ever noticed that you repeat a lot of the same thoughts in your head, over and over again?

When you right something down, you give yourself the opportunity to quite literally release that thought from your mind and trust that you can always come back to it by opening your journal or notebook again.

A journal provides a safe space for you to keep track of your growth, goals, dreams, and even memories.

Often times when I read back through past entries, I can remember a bunch of other things I was experiencing at that time. This serves as a powerful tool for reflection and evaluating your progress and alignment with your dreams.

If you feel scared or nervous to start journaling, I want to encourage you to ask yourself why, and explore the meaning of the answer.

Sadly, the way society has raised a lot of us, there is great resistance and confusion around getting to know who you really are. You might be scared to stand out, or to discover something you previously thought to be untrue.

Or maybe you just don’t know where to start.

I previously published an intentional morning journal practice on my blog, that I’ll link here for your reading enjoyment.

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