Reflections for a Deeper Connection

Reflections for a Deeper Connection

Reposted from the Spiritual Sunflower's wordpress blog, originally posted on July 25th, 2018

I’m not quite sure where to begin today!

I feel the whirlwind of change beginning to approach. I’m trying my best to remain calm and open to it, just taking each day as it comes and doing my best to get in everything I can. But I find that this somewhat hinders my creativity and inspiration, because deep down I know that I really feel like there’s no way I’m going to get everything taken care of that I feel I need to. It’s about time for a real vacation, just to get out of my head entirely and connect one on one with myself again.

Until then, I’m going to meditate. These feelings of stress and anxiety are normal, but I can ease them.

This is something that many people don’t realize today: we are in control of our feelings. Of our being. And the way that we respond to the difficult times and stressors in our lives is how we define ourselves. You can let them break you and fall apart and make mistakes, or you could confront them, accept them, and move on from them. I do my best to choose the later.

During meditation, sometimes I choose to repeat a few of my own affirmations. Here are some I've been resonating with recently:

  • I am in control of my feelings.
  • Feeling stressed about all of this change is okay, and I can embrace it.
  • I am excited to learn and grow from this transition.

I find that coming up with my own I also connect a bit more to myself in that moment. The practice feels somehow even more personal when my words are resonating within me, speaking the truth I know is a part of me.

I’m in search of a deeper connection in my life. Not just with myself, but with the Earth, with people, even with my hobbies and dreams.

I’m excited to embrace these changes coming up, and use them to continue to grow and discover myself.

But how do I go about doing this?

I’ve had a quote hanging above my bed for a couple years now that I would like to share with you guys. I’m not sure who said it because it’s just been on a little sticky note, but whoever did is truly beautiful.

Disappear into solitude and dedicate as many sunsets as you need to falling back in love with yourself, so your vibrations heighten and match the vibrations of a new love. Your spiritual partner is ready and waiting for you to elevate.

This quote speaks to me especially because of mentioning the sunset. I find sunset to be a very calming and grounding part of every day, and when I have the chance to sit down and simply watch it, embracing the light turning into dark, day into night, and the world subtly shifting into a different place, bringing out different creatures and noises. The same shift occurs within you.

It is the smallest things, like watching a sunset, or keeping a journal, that allow you to make a deeper connection. This is somewhat ironic, that such tiny actions can lead to living a more connected life. They can lead you to your truth, to your spiritual partner within, and we all have our own.

Everyone’s truth is true, given their current state of mind and being. The judgement we project on others is really a reflection of a wound we are carrying within, for there is no separation between you and me. Our energy is one.

But it’s like this world is a mirror, and you cannot know anyone else’s place in their journey because it is masked by your perception of where YOU are. Everyone thinks that they are right, and at the same time everyone thinks that just because someone sees things differently, they must be wrong. In reality this is an illusion.

No one is right or wrong. Things are not black and white. We each have our own truth, our own path. There is only our presence, experience and emotions. Everything just is, and this is something that can be challenging to accept.

How things are today, are not how they will be tomorrow.

Disappear into solitude, into yourself, and reach that higher vibration.

Embrace the sunsets, the new experiences, and how they make you feel.

You have everything you need within you.


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