Positive Affirmations - FREE Download!

Positive Affirmations - FREE Download!

This is my first ever free downloadable offering as the Spiritual Sunflower. Positive affirmations have been deeply ingrained in my personal rituals for years now, mostly because they have helped me make major progress in transforming my mindset and beliefs. I want you to pause for a moment and consider a few questions before diving in with this worksheet.

Pause and breathe.

Ask yourself, and consider writing down the answers...

How do you speak to yourself?

Do you speak to yourself with the same encouraging, loving words you share between family and friends?

Do you show yourself kindness… love… acceptance... understanding... and compassion?

Often times how we treat ourselves and how we treat others aren't the same. And how we react to our external reality, actually begins with what is going on us internally. So this means how we treat others, can also be a reflection of how we feel about ourselves within.

It’s so important that we speak kindly to ourselves, just as we would want to others to speak to us in a kind and respectful manner, so we can bring that energy outwards in our day to day lives and create a positive impact.

I have put together a carefully selected guide of positive affirmations for you, that have helped me find great love deep within myself.

I recommend hanging this sheet someplace you see it every single day, such as on your bathroom mirror, fridge, at your desk or next to your bed. Read these affirmations every day. Write them down. Speak them aloud. Make them real in your life.

This is free for you to download and use along your journey.

The only fee is I ask that you share with anyone and everyone who you think might benefit from these positive words.

Click here to download your positive affirmations now!

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