Poem: The Secret To Living Richer

Poem: The Secret To Living Richer

Reposted from the Spiritual Sunflower wordpress blog, originally posted on September 13th, 2021



I am open to my inner wisdom-

My intuition,

As i channel my passion into this reality,

Finally accepting my mortality.

The realization of my connection to the infinite

Is nothing short of intimate.

The birds,

the trees,

and even the bees,

Have all helped stitch my being together at the seams.

As I start to see the bigger picture,

Life begins to feel so much richer.

Mysteries uncovered,

New worlds discovered,

And there’s still so much left to unbox in the shadows of the cupboard.

I no longer live in fear

Of the unknown on the next frontier.

From this moment forward,

I live in truth,

And stay connected to my fountain of youth.

I am SOul grateful to you for witnessing & reading this piece of my heart. I would love to hear any reflections or thoughts you received while reading!


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