Manifesting Your Dreams: Write About Your Dreams in Present Tense!

Manifesting Your Dreams: Write About Your Dreams in Present Tense!

Reposted from the Spiritual Sunflower wordpress blog, originally posted on August 30th, 2021

Over the past few years of really diving into journaling and embracing the value of manifestation and the law of attraction, I’ve practiced a number of different rituals to help me cultivate these tools.

Something in particular that has strongly impacted me and my manifesting abilities is writing about my dreams in present tense, as if they already ARE happening and have happened.

Just to get really deep for a moment, all of our dreams have already happened and are happening… because time is an illusion. The past, present, and future are occurring simultaneously This is why the first step of manifesting, simply believing that all of your dreams are yours in this present moment, is so important.

One of the most impactful ways to realize your dreams and believe they are already happening is through descriptive journaling and visualization.

This is because our subconscious mind does not determine between something that is happening in the immediate reality and something that is not, it simply feels the feeling and believes it to be true. By writing down and describing in detail your dreams and experiencing how it feels for them to real, you will help encourage your brain, even in it’s subliminal programming, that these things are true.


I understand sometimes it’s difficult to decide where to start, what to include, and how long to write for, because we have SO many dreams it can be intimidating!

Don’t overthink it. Spending anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes journaling about your dreams can be extremely beneficial in aligning your energy with where you want to be headed.

I recommend checking in on your dreams and journaling and visualizing with them time and time again. Your dreams are always transforming and changing, just like you and the world around you.

My intention is to reconnect with my dreams every 2-3 months. This aligns well for me because I set monthly goals, so it allows me to observe how my goals are aligning to bring my short term and long term dreams into fruition.

This might also align well for you, or maybe you want to check in every month or every 6 months. Feel it out. Sometimes you might realize your dreams are changing and feel called to reconnect with them outside of a normal routine.


Set your intention.

How are you feeling? What kind of life are you living?

One of my favorite ways to start this out is by saying, “I am living in full alignment with my most joyful, abundant, highest self.”

Be in Gratitude.

What are you overflowing with gratitude for?

For myself, I am often grateful for my health, unconditionally loving and supportive people that surround me, and my business.

Describe Your Life.

How are you spending your days? What do you feel while doing this?

** manifesting is all about the feelings, because feelings are energy and strongly influence how you perceive your reality **

In this part I normally talk about my work with the Spiritual Sunflower and how uplifting and fulfilling it is, and paint the picture for where I see myself headed in the future.

This is also a good time to describe any hobbies, creative pursuits, vacations, or other adventures you are embarking on.

Remember to consider how your dreams will impact those around you, too. Not even just your immediate family and friends, but how will you contribute to the community and well being of everyone you interact with? Remember that manifestations only come true if they are in alignment with the highest good for all.

You, me, we all have a unique purpose to contribute to this reality. This can be uncovered through your dreams.

Notice the Little Things

What little things in life fill you with joy?

It’s important to visualize the little parts of your dream life, just as much as the big ones.

For me, I often spend time in this section writing about the beautiful sunsets I see from my studio and the home I work out of.

Financial Abundance

What does the money you earn allow you to do and provide for yourself and others?

Money can be difficult to predict and understand, and sometimes you may experience confusion or resistance to talking about money or manifesting it. But money is a very important part of our dreams.

It feels in alignment for me to mention how I am able to care and invest in myself and others through receiving financial support.

Full Embodiment

I like to close my journal entries about my dreams by writing mantras of alignment and acceptance for them.

Not everything turns out exactly as you imagine, and a key part in manifesting work is releasing any expectation you may have for things to end up as you envision them.

I want to share how I closed my recent journaling about my dreams, “My life is perfect just as it is in every moment and all of these dreams are coming true for me right now. And so it is. So it is.”

I hope you find this to be a valuable guide for writing about your dreams in present tense!

It can be a big adjustment to shift your mindset from seeing your dreams in the future to now, so I want to encourage you not to put extra pressure on yourself if you come to a point where you are unsure of what to write. Your journal is your safe space. There is no judgement here.


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