BE the Energy You Wish to Attract

BE the Energy You Wish to Attract

Reposted from the Spiritual Sunflower wordpress blog, originally posted on April 28th, 2019


Life is good.

When people ask me how I’m doing recently, my answer is something like, “I’m doing great honestly! I don’t have anything to complain about.”

I’m finishing my junior year of college, with only one semester left to go. I am healthy, my family and friends are healthy as well. I continuously find myself meeting new people, seizing new opportunities, pushing my boundaries.

I know that doors are opening for me, but I can only enter them if my eyes are open to seeing what else is out there.

The last couple weeks or so I’ve found myself wanting to take a step back and look at my life as a whole. Sometimes things are going so great, we forget to take a moment to appreciate that and also what we’ve done and been practicing to get to that happy place.

My mental state has been a big influence of the direction my life has headed recently, and I can’t emphasize this enough: what we think, we attract.

There’s something called the Law of Attraction, which explains how every thing that happens to you comes from your thoughts, which change your vibration, which changes the things you are experiencing.

So basically, if you want to attract more positive life experiences, it starts from the one thing you are in control of; your thoughts.

In my experience these last few months, I’ve found this to be true, and empowering.

At the beginning of this school year, so August, I was… lost. I didn’t have much direction in life, the people I had surrounded myself with didn’t further my passions, which didn’t help me in growing and expanding those passions either. I didn’t understand why I felt stuck.

It took a couple of these people leaving my life for me to see the energy I had attracted into my life was, well, negative. That’s why my business was at a standstill, I felt lonely, and I was dragging myself to class every day.

I realized, this is my life and I need to take control of it for myself.

I began repeating affirmations to myself daily, which are phrases to help empower and bring purpose to your life. Some of my favorite affirmations include:

  •  I am worthy of a healthy body and a stress free life
  • I let go of all negativity
  • Everything I am looking for, I can find within me

This is a really easy, simple way to begin cultivating more positive energy in your mind, and begin attracting that same energy in your life.

It really makes sense to me, because why should good things come to you, if you aren’t even in a positive, accepting state to receive them in? We can’t appreciate something truly amazing if our mind is being clouded by the fact you got a bad grade on a test, or your friend wouldn’t join you in going out tonight.

In every moment, we need to choose what’s more important: the problem that seems to be ours, or the joy in life.

I choose joy.

So life brings me joy~

Another powerful tool to attract everything we could ever want in life is visualizationAgain, this sounds so simple, and it is. But we so often overlook the smallest things and how they can benefit our purpose, our journey, even better the destination.

When visualizing what you want, it’s important to also visualize how gaining it will make you feel.

For example, I visualize about my business being successful. I visualize connecting with new girls who are excited to learn and passionate about their health, which further ignites my excitement and passion to help them. I hold on to this feeling, and when I’m talking to someone new I bring it forth again to create that energy in me and between us.

I’ve seen some opinions expressed that you cannot be spiritual and rich, because being spiritual places so much focus lacking attachment to material beings and having the ability to let your ego to simply exist.

This is not the case. You can visualize about money, too.

Ultimately, the reason we want things is to obtain the feeling of relaxation, safety, excitement, and satisfaction. So if you want to attract more money and abundance, remember to focus on the feeling that will create within you.

We are energy. We attract the feeling that we put out into the world. So if our energy is focused on abundance, it is that we will attract.

In simple terms, focus on the good.

Love & light,


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