Lakeland Local Review: Crumb & Get It

Lakeland Local Review: Crumb & Get It

Reposted from the Spiritual Sunflower wordpress blog, originally posted on October 25th, 2018

Hi friends!!

I visited a local dessert shop over my fall break, and it was SO GOOD that I have to share with you guys!! For those of you in Florida, it may be worth a little trip to make a visit (plus you could see me).

So this local dessert shop is called Crumb & Get It! It's a cupcake, cookie and ice cream shop. BUT you can also customize your cookies!


Here's a little peek inside the shop

It has such a bubbly and friendly vibe, I was immediately excited to try some of the treats after I walked in. I love the brightly colored walls, wooden and white accents, and display of deserts in the window. It has a very laid back, sweet feel!

Upon entering, I was greeted with kindness and enthusiasm by the employee working, which was very pleasant. I informed her this was my first time at Crumb & Get It and she launched into details about their treats, specials and then asked if I'd like to sign up for their discount program, which of course I did.

The best thing about Crumb & Get It, other than the delicious treats, is their discount program. They have one for anyone, and another specifically for college students. To sign up for their discount program, all you have to do is text the number given. Some of the deals they offer include a FREE cupcake on your birthday, 50% off cookies and ice cream sandwiches, and daily offers like "$2 cupcake day."

I had originally headed to Crumb & Get It with the intention of getting some custom cookies, but ended up leaving with BOGO free cupcakes! The seemingly endless number of selections was almost overwhelming, but I decided on their peanut butter cup and chocolate with buttercream icing which did not disappoint.

If cookies were more like carrots, I would be stopping by Crumb & Get It every day! Sadly, if I ate this much sugar daily I would probably explode from a sugar rush. (And gain like 40 pounds, lol.)

If you get a chance to swing by Crumb & Get It, I'd love to hear what you got!!


Thank you all for reading this local Lakeland edition to my blog!

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